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Adelaide commercial crane hire specialists.

Adelaide’s Commercial Crane Hire Pros

Take your commercial projects to the next level with cost-effective access to safe, reliable, high-performance equipment throughout Mount Barker, Adelaide, and the surrounding areas.

Crane Hire - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Move commercial fridges and air conditioning units with confidence.

Crane Hire - Water Infrastructure

Water Infrastructure

Safely managing water infrastructure moves is easier with Hall’s Cranes.

Crane Hire - Machinery Moves

Machinery Moves

Installing or moving heavy machinery? Our crane hire experts can help.


Air Skates are an innovative technology that can move heavy loads up to 12 tons, on a thin cushion of air – a bit like a hovercraft. A cost-effective alternative to overhead cranes, this revolutionary moving system has a unique multi-directional ability that enables you to easily and comfortably lift, move, or position loads that are large, very heavy, potentially delicate, or needing to be loaded into a difficult or tight space, are awkward in shape or size, or any combination thereof. The air cushioning effect allows for simple moving that causes no damage to floors, and allows for straightforward maneuvering around tight corners and obstacles, with very little human force needed.

We are the only company in South Australia to supply 12 ton Air Skates for hire.

Crane Hire - Electrical


Ensure that your electrical equipment is moved safely and efficiently.

Crane Hire - Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

Discover what Hall’s can do for your commercial food or beverage equipment installation or upgrade requirements today.

Crane Hire - Community


The right crane makes community moving projects run smoothly.

Crane Hire - Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Recovery

Need help recovering a vehicle? We’ve got the perfect crane for the job.

Ready to hire a crane?

Ready to hire a crane?

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